A Bowling Alley Designed for an Office

TBWA, a global advertising company who works with Nissan, Apple and more, and Hakuhodo, Japans 2nd largest agency who works with Nissan globally, decided to come together and establish a joint venture in Tokyo known as TBWA\HAKUHODO. TBWA\HAKUHODO teamed up …..

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Care For An Office Christmas Party?

So, it’s Christmas in July and just for something different here is a quick review of a film that didn’t come out too long ago but is still worth grilling. Office Christmas Party is not necessarily a Christmas movie anyway …..

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Server Rooms

A server room is a space where you can safely store all your server computers while providing the operational and environmental components and services to operate enterprise-class servers. The workstations at which people sit and work at are usually located elsewhere. …..

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