Care For An Office Christmas Party?

So, it’s Christmas in July and just for something different here is a quick review of a film that didn’t come out too long ago but is still worth grilling. Office Christmas Party is not necessarily a Christmas movie anyway as it resembles more of naughty and cheeky comedy with people getting down and dirty in a photo booth or DJ booth. The film has been murdered by quite a few people but in the end, it is not meant to be perfect and although it doesn’t tread new ground it does possess a few redeeming features.

The casting here is pretty much there and their chemistry makes the film quite watchable. Seeing Jason Bateman (Arrested Development) and Jennifer Aniston basically replay their roles from Horrible Bosses did rekindle some fond memories.

Aniston plays Carol Vanstone, the tough CEO of a company that is in disarray and is in desperate need of some heavy team building. While layoffs are afoot Carol’s brother (TJ Miller) and his staff want to impress a potential business associate that could give the company a real shot in the arm.

Several things are in motion during a wild and crazy Christmas party and this builds the backbone of the plot. Sadly, it doesn’t always offer huge laughs and is slow in parts but it is an easy and entertaining watch. It is especially good to see Aniston almost reprise her role as Julia Harris from the Horrible Bosses franchise.

TJ Miller always plays the carefree lovable fool and it’s no different here. Bateman is his usual straight man who manages to get himself into awkward situations. Kate McKinnon is a very lovable joker and she and Vanessa Bayer bring a nice touch of SNL to the party.

It is not a conventional Christmas gathering and probably isn’t one you’ll be sharing with the kids, however, it is worth at least one viewing. If you like your crude and raunchy party films with middle-aged predictable characters, then this film is pretty much for you.