Office Fit-Out: How Long Does it Take?

If you are mulling over an office fit-out, you are probably worried about how long the project will take.

Time taken in office fit-out will interfere with the productivity and execution of the business.

In an office, there are usually a lot of things going on. Apart from meeting all the needs of your customers, on the other hand, is your staff.

As such, you must come up with a perfectly designed schedule, plan and strategy to ensure that the fit-out is a success.

Factors that Affect the Time-Taken During an Office Fit-Out

The amount of time taken will depend on the following factors;

The Size and Complexity of the Office Fit-Out

If the place is tiny and needs small alterations, the work will be done in just a few days.

Larger projects let’s say the one that can cost more than twenty thousand like a relocation, will take two to three weeks.

Around six to seven weeks will be a fit-out worth a hundred thousand. An office fit-out worth a million bucks will take around three months to complete.

You should also keep in mind the complexity of your plan. A constructor will want to know the shape and whether the floorplan is flat.

He’ll also want to know if you’ll be needing cellular spaces that take a long time to create or an open plan that takes a few days.

A complex and unique plan will always take a longer time compared to a simple and natural plan.

The Approval of the Layout and Planning

The complexity in terms of the extent of the work also has a say here. You should be aware of what modification according to CAT A needs to be made.

If the modifications are by any chance going to affect the exterior appearance of the building, then you’ll need to get approval from your local government and landlord.

Such applications take time to be planned, processed and approved. To save time, it would be wiser to engage your contractor right from the start.

The Conditions and Restrictions of the Property

Unlike places where demolitions and stripping out is needed, an empty building or space makes the work easier and timely.

A ready to occupy space, that has some services like fibre, connectivity, and small power makes the fit-out quick.

If the buildings system like the security and HVAC need no repairs, then the job will just take days to complete.

Procurement, Supplies and Lead Times

The level of complexity that you need from the technology hardware will also specify the time taken.

Does the fit-out require imported supplies and furniture? if so, then this might prolong the time taken by weeks.

Are the furniture bespoken or joinery? Should the lead item be ordered now or later? The answers to these questions will also determine how long the fit-out will take.

Up to You: Understand the Timeline of an Office Fit-Out

  • Identify your needs and come up with an undertaking team, this might take a week
  • For the next three to four weeks, embark on the workplace consultancy
  • Location auditing and hiring out arbitration for around one to two weeks
  • Find a new space: 6 to 12 weeks
  • Assigning a new contractor should take less than a week
  • Outlining the layout, 1 to 3 weeks
  • Plan and get the approval processed can take six to twelve weeks
  • Get a detailed layout document, two to four weeks
  • The construction period, depending on the size 4 to 12 weeks
  • Hand over and settling in, a week should be enough