Glass Balustrades for a Stylish & Effective Office Design

Semi Frameless Glass Balustrades

There are many ways you can give your office a luxurious feel, one of the ways to achieve this is by using a relatively misunderstood furnishing – the semi frameless glass balustrade. The good news is there are so many styles and designs available today you will be able to find the one that looks perfect inside or outside your work space. One of the best reasons for having glass balustrades installed is that it adds a lovely finishing touch, be it around a pool or patio, on a balcony or along a staircase.

If you take a drive around your local suburb and look at the houses you pass, you’ll be amazed by how many people are using glass balustrades around their office, this type of *fencing* is no longer just for around your swimming pool.

Where Glass Balustrades can be used

Semi frameless glass balustrades can be used in many different places in and around your space from stairways to patios, and some people are even installing glass fixtures in their bathroom, just because they love the look and feel that glass creates. If you are building a new office, partitions and frameless glass balustrades are a great choice.

Is Glass Balustrades Safe?

If you are a little concerned about safety – especially if you have small/young children, don’t be. The type of glass used in balustrades is not the standard glass you get in a window, the glass used is toughened glass that has been treated and cured using extreme heat. This process makes the glass very safe and gives you that security that once installed it’s not going to be easy to break.

Today duplexes and townhouses are very popular, and having 2 levels of flooring means there are many options for using a glass balustrade both inside and out – at the top of a stairway, as a railing for a stairway, on balconies, depending on the design of your office, the possibilities are endless.

When deciding on a balustrade, there are other issues to consider, placement inside a house or outside a house and what material to use in conjunction with your glass panels – or no glass panel at all? Let’s take a quick look at the pros-and-cons of the 4 main materials.

Pros and Cons of Aluminium Balustrades

  • – Aluminium is suitable for all weather conditions, thanks to its durability
  • – Aluminium is an inexpensive option and it is also low maintenance – which is great if you have children
  • – If used for a balcony or pool fence, aluminium does obstruct views of the pool or the view from your balcony.

Pros and Cons of Stainless Steel Balustrades

  • – Stainless steel is not recommended for outdoor use if you live by the coast, this is because that salt air can cause the steel to *Tea-Stain* which makes it look like it’s rusting. You will need to perform a LOT of maintenance to prevent it Tea-Staining.
  • – Stainless steel is one of those *must have* products it looks great and can be mixed with glass for a contemporary and stylish look
  • – Stainless steel is more expensive than aluminium for most balustrade applications

Pros and Cons of Glass Balustrades

  • – When it comes to options, glazed glass provides quite a few different styles and looks – framed glass with aluminium or stainless steel, semi-frameless glass or fully frameless glass with stainless steel or aluminium
  • – Glass balustrading can be high maintenance with lots of cleaning required – especially if you have young children who can smudge the glass
  • – Glass looks great and gives you completely unobstructed views
  • – Glass balustrading is very safe as children and adults can’t climb it
  • – Prices will vary when it comes to glass balustrading – framed glass is the least expensive option.
  • – Glass is a perfect *wind barrier* and in hilly or coastal areas it can actually create warmth, which is great in the winter months.

Pros and Cons of Strand Wire Balustrades

  • – -Strand wire is a very modern and contemporary look
  • – Stand wire allows the breeze to come through – great in summer, depending on where you are using it, but it offers no protection from the rain
  • – Just like stainless steel and aluminium strand wire is very easy to maintain
  • – Due to regulations on the use of strand wire, the amount needed to comply with safety regulations can make it look *busy* again, it depends on where you are using this type of balustrading and for what reasons
  • – This is a premium product and can be more expensive than your glass or aluminium options.