Microsoft’s Brick Walls in Seattle

Seattle, Washington is a wonderful city full of old buildings with an old world charm. This overcast, drizzly city needs warmth and warm colors to add energy and vibrance to an otherwise overly diluted palette of grays and blues. The brick buildings that litter its downtown area do just that, and Microsoft took full advantage of this.

Their Pioneer Studio office was designed around the beautiful exposed brick that runs rampant throughout their cozy, old world yet stylishly modern office. The space is full of large windows with the intention to let in as much sunlight as humanly possible.

The large windows, extra tall ceilings, blond wood floors, and exposed ducting give the space a very industrial loft-type feel, while still holding true to that antiqued style that is so quintessential to Seattle.

Pioneer Studio offices Microsoft

Pioneer Studio offices Microsoft

SkB Architecture, another Seattle native, was the genius behind the stunning interior design. They furnished the office with a very minimalist, modern approach. The furniture has very simple, clean lines, and neutral colors, so as not to over-stimulate the eye against the dominating brick background.

They did little, to nothing, with the walls rarely hanging anything because the exposed brick is all this office needs in this case. They speak for themselves.

The Microsoft Pioneer Studio is a beautiful example of office workstation design in a beautiful city. Simple and sweet, just like Seattle.